Privacy Policy


One of the main aims and principles behind establishing SHERIF dot TK is creating,
Eventually, a virtual community on the Internet,

It’s basic and fundamental principles being to Allow its users and friends
To communicate effectively and to benefit from their online presence.

It is, therefore, SHERIF dot TK utmost concern to maintain and guarantee
The privacy of your communications.

I want you to see this experience with me,
In an attempt to create this virtual community of trust, Friendship and cooperation.

I have established, through the period during which i have shared SHERIF dot TK with you,
Certain rules and regulations pertaining to privacy,

Finally having you as a geust of SHERIF dot TK makes us proud.

Please Contact me by :-
E-mail me at
Call me at (+20) 100 125 96 56

Should you have further comments or ideas concerning me.