Read the following carefully

Who is the owner of this Website ?

Eng. Sherif Khedr

Is this website represents a company ?

No, this website to view and display samples of services and offers of services.

How to agree on implementation of available services ?

By contacting and come to you delegate agreement.

What's the payment system in all the services available ?

You will pay in 25 % from the total price in first time, the rest of price in second time.

Service implementation period of the services available ?

Depending on the amount of raw materials required and pre-agreement.


This website to provide premium paid services for graphics & websites & montage & IT.
By the way look for the service that interest you, And compare between me and other providers, It's your choice.

Skills and expertise

Graphics Services 97%

Websites Services 95%

Montage 85%

IT Services 80%