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Creative Designer from cairo egypt,
I have more than 10 years of experience in graphics,
And more than 14 years in websites,
And 3 years in montage.

This website to provide premium paid services for
Graphics & Websites & Montage and IT.

By the way look for the service that interest you
And compare between me and other providers,
It's your choice.
This website created by :
HTML + CSS + PHP + My SQL + Hosting on server apache

All done by SHerif KHedr owner of SHERiF.tk | DESIGNER

Skills and expertise

Graphics Services 97%

Websites Services 95%

Montage Services 85%

IT Services 80%

Commercial Video

Websites Owned for SHERiF.tk

" You can listen to the Quran with HD sound."
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"Books website dedicated to religious books."
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"You can buy and sell your products for free"
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"Unofficial website for legend Amr Diab"
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"Share your photos and videos"
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"Listen to multiple radio channels"
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