tatu VS transformers [ trailer ]

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About Trailer

Some trailers are made for personal (or small business) use with practically any powered vehicle having an appropriate hitch, but some trailers are part of large trucks called semi-trailer trucks for transportation of cargo.

Enclosed toy trailers and motorcycle trailers can be towed by commonly accessible pickup truck or van, which generally require no special permit beyond a regular driver's license. Specialized trailers like open-air motorcycle trailers, bicycle trailers are much smaller, accessible to small automobiles, as are some simple trailers, pulled by a drawbar and riding on a single set of axles. Other trailers, such as utility trailers and travel trailers or campers come in single and multiple axle varieties, to allow for varying sizes of tow vehicles.

About Soundcloud

Founded back in 2007, the Berlin-based Soundcloud is a music-streaming platform originally designed to allow artists to share recordings with each other for feedback and collaboration. It quickly grew beyond those humble origins, though, with more than one million users signing up to the service by 2010. Two years later, that number skyrocketed to 10 million registered users, and by 2013 it shot up to 40 million.

To make the most of its growing user base, Soundcloud expanded its platform in 2016 with the launch of Soundcloud Go, a subscription-based streaming service similar to Spotify and Apple Music. Initially, Soundcloud Go combined Soundcloud's existing library of user-uploaded content with licensed music.